Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shall I Start Blogging Today - part II

WELL THERE WAS some doubt left in my mind about previous post that I had written. Actually I think I could not make it very clear in terms of what should be done. There was a sole comment on that post and I think that did have some authentic point. That is when I think I should write this one too. The point was the topics of blog. It was claimed that the topics given there, at DailyPost can be weird sometimes or more clearly almost every time. To this I want to be clearer. 

WHAT I INTEND to say is that if you think that the topic is pretty weird, like today’s is, about which I am not writing because I don’t know very much about Halloween. Yes they have posted the topic about Halloween. I don’t know much about this, I have just seen them, as I remember, in TV series How I Met My Mother, there was an episode about that, and have read in the book To Kill a Mockingbird (one of my favorite book, I have seen this movie too, one of two black and white that I have seen). Now, at this point I would like to tell you exactly what should you do if you get a topic like that. Suppose you get a topic about Statue of Liberty and you don’t want to write about them, obviously you won’t, I won’t, then the solution to this is that you can write about Taj Mahal. Look, if you have enough resources and ideas that you can write everyday then you don’t need to go there and if you cannot but want to then this is the place.

IN MY CASE, there was a time when I wanted to write every day and then I got satisfied by writing less than often. But then again I thought of writing every day. Now the first thing is I cannot decide what I should write every day, when I don’t have a clear idea I don’t write. Otherwise the little charm that attract few people to my blog will be lost if I’ll start writing anything. Now the reader concerns for me here, I don’t write just because I want to write rather I want to interact about what I feel. Looks like I have got deviated from the point of this blog.

AS A CONCLUSION, I would like to say, I talked about DailyPost just for the help. You don’t need to follow its topics strictly because you neither need to submit your entry nor there is a competition for this. And more than that you can take help of this website on days when you are out of topics and you cannot figure out what you should write but you want to reach a perfect 30 that I could not, I reached 23 in the month of September though. So, to wrap up in one sentence, if you want to write a post per day and at some point or most of the points you don’t have any idea about what you should write you can look up here, and remember you can still use this postaday tag as well as the image tag that I am using :).

Will be here and there always


  1. hmm..makes more sense now...

  2. Like the end...you don’t have any idea about what you should write you can look up here...good one!